The Wild Atlantic Way Audax (WAWA) is a 2,100 km cycle ride run by Audax Ireland as a Brévet under the rules of Audax Club Parisien and Les Randonneurs Mondiaux. It was held in June 2016.


Route of the Wild Atlantic Way Audax

Riders had a total of 175 hours to complete the WAWA. They needed to obtain “proof of passage” from a variety of commercial and information controls along the way. However, their journey was broken at roughly 300 km intervals with accommodation providing shelter and a place to rest.   The final control in Derry remained open until the official event clock stopped after seven days and seven hours.

Fifty-six riders began the challenge, of whom thirty-five finished within the time limit.

My name is Richard Guthrie, and the following is the story of my preparation for, and participation in, the Wild Atlantic Way Audax.

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